Competitive intelligence is an approach based on acquiring and analyzing of strategic information to create sustainable value in a company. It comes in before, risk management and proactive action on the environment (influence). 

Competitive intelligence can help boost sales by allowing you to stay updated with the current market trends, and see what kind of strategies and campaigns are being used by your competitors to attract customers. These insights will help you improve your product and re-adjust your sales strategies, thereby increasing the overall revenue.

CIEMS Consulting provides to its clients the following services consulting in competitive intelligence : 

CI Planning & Strategy : 

  • Diagnosis of current practices of CI
  • Mapping the strategic plan
  • Gap analysis and best practices

CI Implementation & Integration :  

  • Intelligence plan
  • CI Organization and governance
  • Due diligence 
  • E-reputation
  • Influence strategy


Data Intelligence Competitive Intelligence Growth Strategy
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