Data intelligence is a broad category of applications, technologies, and processes for gathering, storing, accessing, and analyzing data to help business users make better decisions. 

Data intelligence allows you to see which campaigns, marketing strategies, and offers are a hit with your customer base. It will also track customer interactions and offer insightful advice on how you can improve your customer acquisition and retention strategies.

CIEMS Consulting provides to its clients the following services consulting in data intelligence : 

DI Planning :

  • Assessment of decision support needs
  • Definition of data needs
  • Proposal of adequate analytical solutions

DI Design :

  • Repositioning of the data-oriented vision
  • Definition and implementation of solutions
  • Experimentation and positioning of technologies

DI Architecture :

  • Definition and documentation of data
  • Evaluation of data and technologies
  • Organizational, functional and technological orientations
  • Strategy and implementation plan

DI Implementation :

  • Setting up the infrastructure
  • Solution Development
  • Deliverables


Data Intelligence Competitive Intelligence Growth Strategy
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