Data intelligence refers to all the analytical tools and methods companies employ to form a better understanding of data they collect to improve their business.

Data intelligence allows you to see which campaigns, marketing strategies, and offers are a hit with your customer base. It will also track customer interactions and offer insightful advice on how you can improve your customer acquisition and retention strategies.

CIEMS provides to its clients the consulting services in data intelligence : 

Big Data :

Data collected daily; you don’t always get the most out of them. Your challenge is to take advantage of the potential they represent for your business. We support you in defining your needs, designing the architecture, choosing technologies, developing treatments, defining use cases … in order to make data a real asset for the company.

Data Integration :

We support you in handling raw and heterogeneous data from multiple sources, to work on their quality, aggregation and availability in real time in order to feed your various business applications.

Data Science :

Our data scientists support you in the creation of advanced predictive models as well as their application in business solutions to enable and promote your business decision-making. To achieve this, our data scientists and experts focus on five major components: descriptive, prescriptive, diagnostic, decisive, and predictive data.

Data Visualisation & Analytics :

Using visualization and analytics technologies, we help you to turn your data into business outcomes and facilitate analyses.


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