A growth strategy is a plan of action that allows companies to achieve a higher level of market share. Some common growth strategies include product development strategy, market development strategy, market penetration strategy, diversification strategy.

CIEMS Consulting provides to its clients the following services in growth strategy : 

Capability Assessment :

  • Critically analysing the existing products and processes in the company
  • Analysing their role in the profitability of the business
  • Identifying inefficiencies to recommend remedial measures or reconsider its continued presence in the market
  • Assessing and revisiting the production plan to optimise the process

Market Assessment :

  • Providing a better understanding of the existing status of the market and the competitors that are present in the market
  • Review the existing needs and value chain to gauge the importance of its constituents
  • To understand the current trends in the market to identify a suitable positioning

Opportunity Assessment :

  • Gained an appreciation of the long term opportunity in the market and the likely competition that will influence the growth of the market
  • Understood the various forces that are likely to shape the market and the potential impact that it will have on a local manufacturer
  • Identified a suitable niche for the client to re-launch their business
  • Prepare a platform for a financial plan

Business Planning :

  • A business plan outlining the short, medium and long term strategy for their existing business
  • Identification of best products to expand their trading portfolio based on market trends
  • Business plan for launch of outlet business in a niche segment as a premium outlet
  • A detailed financial plan covering all the three businesses of the client was also devised


Data Intelligence Competitive Intelligence Growth Strategy
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