Entrepreneurship is more than the process of starting a business. It is all about identifying, valuing and capturing opportunities.

Between our in class curriculum and our out of class events, programs, panels, guest speakers and workshops, SPIRIT EES will provide participants with the tools and education needed to become educator in entrepreneurship.

SPIRIT EES provides opportunities to hone your entrepreneurial way of thinking through access to the business, management and leadership skills needed to improve the world around you.

The training will be conducted over an intensive five-day program, where participants explore the science and development of entrepreneurship for applications of teaching, facilitating, and learning.

The design-systems thinking are the framework for the Education of Entrepreneurial Mentor and Execution (EEM&E). The method comprises a portfolio of tools and approaches that allow entrepreneurs of all kinds to navigate increasingly within uncertain environments and create opportunities.

The method goes beyond understanding, knowing, and talking. It requires using, applying, and acting.

EEM&E, a teachable and learnable method, requires practice. Attendees of the program experience a variety of pedagogies that can help students:

  •    Practice entrepreneurship;
  •    Co-create innovative ways for teaching entrepreneurship in today’s global environment;
  •    Integrate engineering and business;
  •    Identify personal teaching philosophies and styles.

This will allow participants to improve their abilities for the development of the next generation of entrepreneurs, and build a personal resource base through networking with a global cohort of like-minded entrepreneurship educators who are dedicated to innovative, bold, and impactful teaching.


The program will be conducted in English.