Participant MIX

Program participants will be of two kinds:

  1. College or university educators and entrepreneurs who have (or will have) to teach or to be in academic responsibilities related to entrepreneurship education programs.
  2. Business development professionals who provide support for entrepreneurs.

Participation in modules is limited to 24 academics and professionals that will be organized in duos of one entrepreneur and one academic. Special consideration will be taken for gender representation.

Who Should enroll?

  • Educators of aspiring entrepreneurs;
  • Leaders of innovative teams or team leaders that wish to be innovative;
  • Professionals from startups or non-profits organizations;
  • Marketing, sales, finance, and project management teams;
  • Engineers and project team leads who desire to be more creative;
  • Entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Important information

  • The participation to this program is subject to a signed engagement from the participant and the payment of 500 DH selection fee;
  • The program will take in charge the following fees for the selected participants:
  1. Catering (3 meals and 2 coffee breaks/day for 5 days);
  2. Housing (for 4 nights from November the 22nd to 26th)
  3. The participation fees to the program.
  • The program will not take in charge : personal expenditures; transportation fees to the event’s venue; extra charges in the venue
  • The attestation of participation : the attestation of participation will not be provided to participants that didn’t complete the program.


  • The criteria for selecting the participants will be as follow:
  • The participant should be engaged in entrepreneurship education, coaching or mentoring;
  • The participant have to show an experience in an associative, managerial or entrepreneurial work (at least one of those should apply);
  • The participant should explain how she/he would use the skills developed by the training;
  • The participant should argue why he would like to be part of this program;
  • The participant should be engaged to teach (at least a group of 20 to 30) young entrepreneurs in her/his region as a second part of this program;
  • The participant should have a minimum of managerial education or experience background.