ICTMOD 2022 ICTMOD 2023 We organize the 5th edition of IEEE ICTMOD. This edition will be held on November 22, 23, 24, 2023 in Rabat - Morocco, under the theme " Disruptive Technologies and Sustainability ". VIEW DETAILS Business Intelligence Business Intelligence We support organizations to evolve their organizations using our proven business intelligence services. We use business intelligence and machine learning to help companies gain insight. VIEW DETAILS Market Intelligence Market intelligence Our Market Intelligence team has an expertise in collecting, processing, and analyzing information. We partner with clients across multiple sectors, helping them to anticipate risks, identify opportunities, discover strategic insights and make informed strategic decisions. VIEW DETAILS Knowledge Management knowledge management Our knowledge management team helps organisations to deliver tangible business value from their knowledge by designing knowledge management strategies and frameworks. VIEW DETAILS Content Management Content management Our content management team helps organisations to manage their information assets by capturing, managing, archiving content and automating workflow. VIEW DETAILS
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